Monterey County Arts Council’s new music initiative

THE ARTS COUNCIL for Monterey County celebrates Youth Arts Month by launching a campaign to restore the arts to every school. “Exciting trends have all come together recently. After nearly a generation of valiantly struggling with less and less time and less if any funding, people who care about the arts and education in California now have a unique opportunity to create the new normal — high quality arts programs for every student wherever they may live,” notes Executive Director Paulette Lynch, who cites new developments:

The restrictive and narrow curriculum of the No Child Left Behind testing regimen is giving way to programs that value questioning, exploring and creativity.

District Superintendents have more funding on a more reliable basis and more flexibility in the allocation of that funding from the state.

In return, they are required to create a more welcoming school environment, engage parents and include the community at every step.

Meanwhile, every day now, neuroscientists publish a new study explaining the myriad ways the arts are the answer to greater success for every learning brain. ‘What part of the brain lights up when we are engaged in music? The Whole Brain!’

“We are starting this year with Music for All Monterey which will become a template for other districts in the county. Local supporters are already helping provide more music and arts programs this spring and helping to fuel the campaign,” she says. “When Lois Mayol was searching for ways to promote the value of learning music, we talked about these new trends. Thanks to her support, we have engaged Boots Road Group to ensure we make the most of everyone’s time and energy. We also have the guidance of the California Arts Education Alliance. Through their expertise, we already know that we are not the first county to create this kind of campaign! In Pajaro Valley Unified School District, they now have 14.5 art teachers as a direct result of community campaigns.”

“The arts are the answer for success for every student and we are proud of the programs we support through grants and the services we provide for thousands of students through our Professional Artists in the Schools Program and there will always be an important role for each of us to play – but there are 69,000 students in the public schools in Monterey County – we are thrilled by the possibilities that we can ensure that there will soon be high quality programs for each of them on a more sustainable basis,” adds Arts Council Board President Lynn Diebold.

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