Pushed Around

Pushed Around, July 15, 2013

By Rob Klevan


Call it dance, call it gymnastics, or mime, or just plain great theater. Whatever the audience imagined they would witness prior to entering the World Theatre at CSUMB July 1st to watch CSU Summer Arts 2013 kick-off event with PUSH Physical Theatre certainly proved to be much more at the conclusion. PUSH was acrobatic, athletic, funny, sad, beautiful, controversial, but above all it was art in motion, and art at a very high level. The four men and one woman who comprise the PUSH Physical Theatre Company are an awe-inspiring and extremely gifted ensemble. Their short term themes, such as Web, The Soldier, Grace, Red Ball, which utilized iPads to create on-stage adventures, and Parenthood, to name a few are exceedingly clever and thought-provoking. Performer and artistic director Darren Stevenson served as the Master of Ceremonies and led the audience with a brief and often humorous description of the story-lines being presented.

For this observer, the vignette entitled The Visit, which featured Darren’s wife Heather Stevenson interpreting the actions of an elderly women suffering from Parkinson’s disease proved extremely poignant. In addition to Darren and Heather, the remaining PUSHers include Avi Pryntz-Nadworny, Jonathan Lowery, Andrew Salmon and tech and light director Toni Elderkin. Should PUSH Physical Theatre make its way back to the Monterey Peninsula area again, and I certainly hope it does soon, I can vouch wholeheartedly that it is something not to be missed!