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Millennium-Charter-High-School-300x187MILLENNIUM HIGH SCHOOL IN CRISIS

JUST BEFORE ITS FIRST GRADUATING SENIOR CLASS commences this spring, the board of the Millennium Charter High School in Salinas has put its popular founding principal, Peter Gray, on paid administrative leave. The community served—some 200 students and their families—are outraged at this action, and further enflamed because the independent board is self-electing, California law shields personnel matters from public view and there is no mechanism by which the board’s decisions can be appealed. While the local media have covered the board’s move and the reaction to it they have so far failed to penetrate into what is shaping up as life-threatening to the five-year-old charter school.

The only information to have leaked out—so far independently unsubstantiated—is the board’s suspicions about Gray’s hiring practices and a memo from Gray citing ‘irregularities.’

Millennium, which shares the campus of the Monterey County Office of Education, and has regular access to the otherwise under-utilized Sherwood Hall auditorium at the Salinas Community Center, came into focus largely as the vision of Hamish Tyler, a long-time arts education advocate in public and private schools and now director of MCOE’s Media Center for Arts, Education and Technology (MCAET) whose state-of-the-art technology is fully available to Millennium’s students.

Meanwhile, seeing potential conflicts with other public school districts, Superintendent Nancy Kotowski went to great lengths to vet the establishment of the new charter high school. Millennium’s website contains a pie chart that shows the many public schools Millennium’s students would otherwise attend. Those other districts offered their support, at least tacitly. By further implication, Millennium could also attract students from area private high schools, of which there are many that offer quality arts education with long, successful histories. Predictably, they would also be unhappy if Millennium recruited their most creative talent. Bottom line is the best schools are in competition, especially if, like Millennium, they define themselves as college-preparatory.

The Monterey County Board of Education is now in the spotlight thanks to the Millennium crisis. The ousted Gray was also a teacher whose classes have suddenly been interrupted in mid- semester throwing the future of those affected students into disarray. Whatever turns out to be the underlying dysfunction between Gray and the Millennium board, the school’s students, directly and indirectly, will suffer negative consequences over which they have no control.

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