Weekly Update

Every year at this time presenters of music, dance and theater wind themselves down, take a vacation at least mentally, and presumably regroup in anticipation of their next official seasons. (Our Calendar this week is slim pickings.) For presenters of classical music, the 2014-15 seasons start between late September and early November, with most opening in October. Theater companies have also wound down charles lloyd_MJF49_2006_113(c)Cole Thompsonfor the moment, except for Pacific Repertory in Carmel, Paper Wing in Monterey, and Jewel Theatre in Santa Cruz which starts its new season next week. The Western Stage opens The Arsonists on September 13. Normally busy Sunset Center in Carmel is quiet but will reve-up in late September. The Monterey Jazz Festival dominates the weekend of September 19 and includes Charles Lloyd. (Photo by Cole Thompson)


David E Kaun, economics professor at UC Santa Cruz, is well known for his unique style of philanthropy. Over the past 15 years, he has donated something north of $700K to music programs in Santa Cruz County and beyond, while he focuses on disadvantaged youth. Click HERE.

Kaun has also written a compelling essay arguing for increased government support for the arts, Art: The Rest Mere Sound and Fury. We are pleased to be the first to publish it. Click HERE.


The Metropolitan Opera has at last concluded new contracts with all of its unions, after the company’s general manager, Peter Gelb, had threatened a lock-out unless the unions agreed to reduced pay and benefits. The deal required a federal mediator. It offers lessons to many performing producers/presenters who are struggling with similar funding issues. Read the New York Times coverage HERE.

Scott MacClelland, editor