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If you’re of the ripe age…sorry, right age…then Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey welcome you to Sunset Center in Carmel this Thursday. But if you want to dance to that music, you’ll have to go to Hidden Valley Music Seminars in Carmel Valley that same evening. And if you really want it all, attend the 2pm concert at Sunset and 6:30pm Dinner Dance at Hidden Valley. See our Calendar.


Juan Felipe Molano, of Youth Orchestra Salinas and now Youthjuanfelipe-gira Orchestra Los Angeles, guest conducts the Monterey Symphony in a live performance of the music of Disney’s Fantasia with screenings of that classic film. Molano will make his LA debut with YOLA at Disney Concert Hall on December 6. This Saturday, opera arias come to the Golden State Theatre in Monterey. Downtown Santa Cruz will go crazy with the SC Music Festival this Friday and Saturday. See our Calendar.


Paper Wing Theatre’s little 40-seat venue on North Fremont in Monterey is hosting a puppet show by Ricki Vincent titled Belladonna’s Room of Mysterious Mysteries. It’s a Ricki Vincentstrange pre-Hallowe’en concoction of adult content for adult audiences. Lasting about an hour, it will play through October. Puppets of all kinds are included. The seven-foot tall title character, whose head is positioned halfway between its feet and the crown of its massive humpback, does a lot of talking—heard through a loudspeaker—designed to inspire fear through threats of every foul and evil possible consequence, with an occasional joke thrown in. The rest of the puppets, manipulated by a cast of seven, were much smaller: a female character in scanty attire seductively danced a pole. The devil, a table puppet, answered questions submitted earlier by members of the audience, with plenty of four-letter words and the roaring sound of hell itself ablaze. Except for the actor playing Belladonna, and another who appeared as if through a small mirror with a contradictory patter of right/wrong answers to unasked questions, the others wore black and ghoulish makeup. A gaggle of shadow puppets seen backlit against a bed-sheet and a small dragon belching fire were done to the music of two popular songs, one predicting doom. The show played out primarily under blacklight with occasional flashes of “lightning.” I attended opening night last Friday and found that Vincent’s narrative material in all the skits was very long-winded. Hopefully as the show seasons, it will be wood-shedded to keep the momentum from bogging down. See our Calander for details. Prolific puppeteer Vincent has traveled the country with his troupe of puppets, some having appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres TV talk show. (Photo by Kim Vincent)


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Scott MacClelland, editor