Weekly Update

SYMPHONY CONDUCTOR KURT MASURkurt-masur_9760274-portrait-original

DIED SATURDAY at 88. He saved the legendary Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in then-East Germany and later, as its music director from 1992 to 2002, restored the New York Philharmonic to its former glory. In a BBC World Service feature on Saturday, Norman Lebrecht, who knew Masur personally, said, “He confronted the [East German] regime and said either you let me go out to the West and conduct there or I’m going to kill myself. Then they asked him to be president of a united Germany and he said, ‘I’m a musician. That’s what I know how to do.’”


HAUNTING JUICE VOCAL ENSEMBLE sing the Coventry Carol on YouTube. Click HERE


UPTOWN FUNK totally for dancing. To put a smile on your face and good cheer in your heart, click HERE, then expand it to full screen with sound up. Fabulous!

REEDING TIMECabrillo oboes

CABRILLO FESTIVAL oboe trio talks “twig scraping.” A new short documentary by Sasha Friedlander. Click HERE


SLIM PICKINGS so far this week. Paper Wing Theatre launches Avenue Q, a musical comedy that opened off-Broadway to acclaim. Click HERE

PERFORMING ARTS PEOPLESherlockPaget-cu1-1web

ACTOR JEFFREY T. HEYER recently concluded a short run of Cindy Womack’s reduction of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Holmes for the Holidays. With deep theater credentials, Jeff decided years ago that the Monterey Bay theater scene was his ideal fit. Click HERE


OUR JOSEF SEKON soaked up Christmas music with the Santa Cruz Chorale. Click HERE

Scott MacClelland, editor