Performing Arts Monterey Bay is dedicated to the memory of Albert M. Eisner whose original vision our website represents.


Scott MacClelland, editor, has been active in Monterey Bay Area performing arts journalism since 1977. During the same period he has taught classes in music history and appreciation for Monterey Peninsula College, Hartnell College and Carmel Adult School. In 1973, he designed and implemented the Monterey Symphony’s in-school program, introducing orchestra musicians to all fourth and fifth graders in public elementary schools throughout Monterey County. He was a leader in founding the Youth Orchestra of Monterey County and a founding board member of its successor, Youth Music Monterey County. Currently, he is program annotator for the Carmel Music Society


Chris Yang grew up on the Monterey Peninsula. He excelled in public school education with an abiding dedication to contemporary technology. He is equally passionate about using those skills to advance live performing arts and has advanced PAMB‘s cause using social media, Facebook and Twitter in particular. Thanks to Chris, PAMB‘s outreach to the community is now growing exponentially.