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Launched on May 1, 2013, performingartsmontereybay.com includes a Weekly Update of events and related commentary, including previews, interviews, profiles, guest editorials and op-eds. As our site grows, we will continually add new features, such as links to complementary sites. Be sure to visit our Weekly Update frequently; important information will be added between our regular Tuesday update postings notice which are emailed to our growing list of subscribers. (To subscribe, submit your email address in the box to the left, just below the Event Calendar box. Your email address will remain confidential and not available to anyone else.)

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On the Who We Are page, accessible through our Contact Us page, you’ll find PAMB founders Scott MacClelland and Mark Burger, plus our growing stable of contributors as they are added. Our contributors are selected on the basis of their depth of knowledge of their art and their demonstrated skills as professional writers. (We are still recruiting from among the many talented specialists in their respective fields in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.)

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Soon we will create opportunities for presenters and others to buy display advertising including special links to what they offer.

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We are pleased and excited at the response we have received so far and look forward to providing a focused and effective voice for the extraordinary riches of performing arts in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

Scott MacClelland, editor